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Agarwood is the SCENT from heaven.

We work with expert to establish in the cultivation in Agarwood and propagation of its benefits while conseving the Agarwood habitat in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, elevating the value of Agarwood through education and adding strategy network marketing approach to propagating the value of Agarwood to the world.
We achieved a milestone of 3 Agarwood plantations spannig 100 acres of plantation land across two state in Peninsula Malaysia with 100,000 Agarwood trees, 1,000 century old Agarwood trees and continue to explore opportunity with our business associates and landowners in expanding our cultivation land.

Our Objective

  • To plant 1million Agarwood trees.
  • Establish eco-tourism.
  • Establish more Agarwood museum.
  • To be inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Be pioneer in research Agarwood industry.

Our Mission & Vision

We want to elevate and increase the values of Agarwood trees through research and development, strategic marketing development approach and propagate the benefits of Agarwood trees to develop valued added Agarwood made products and by-products while conserve the Agarwood trees habitat in a sustainable manner.

Key Strategy Objective

Facilitate the transformation of the economy to promote ondustrial development, investment, competitiveness and employment creation.

Build mutually beneficial regional and global relations to advance Malaysia's trade, industrial policy, and economic development objective.

Promote a professional, ethical, dynamic, competitive and customer-focused working environment that ensures effective and efficient service delivery




word from CEO

We have now stepped into an era of great change; a change unlike any other in the last 1000 years. Technological advances in all aspects of our life beyond our wildest imagination, a once room-filled-computer is now transformed to the size of our palms; scientific discoveries at an exponential speed where minute particles are discovered that is packed with energy and resources not previously known to man.

Dr. Tony Yap

Founder and Chairman of BBB Group

The Best time to plant tree is now

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